AI (Artificial Intelligence) is mistakenly considered an enemy by many marketers. This myth should be debunked – while, indeed, AI can replace a lot of processes (and potentially, also, job roles), in the field of marketing it will play the role of support and work with, not against, marketers.

Can AI do the trick?

Nowadays, we are all facing the challenge of coming back from poorly-targeted ads to advertising that matters not only to publishers and advertisers but mainly to the audiences. AI helps to target understand not only the content of the page but also the context: a tone of voice and the reason for putting such a piece of content in a particular place and time. Native ads and editorial content have to represent specific values for the end users. That’s what makes it extremely useful compared to traditional ads, especially while the marketing industry experience so-called „banner blindness” phenomenon.

Artificial Intelligence at its finest

While the context is what matters, still too many marketers put their focus on device type or advertisement type. AI can make a difference, can help with better targeting for native advertising. Especially in the era of personalisation and increased video importance. Thanks to natural language processing, a specific AI branch, it is within reach to automatically interpret text, image, voice and more. As a result, you get sentiment analysis prepared by a system. This technology has been already applied in other marketing tools as chatbots, automatically generate keyword tags etc. Get the consumer-focused approach with AI solutions. Find a precise audience for your content and upgrade your marketing.

Consider AI as your support

One of the marketers fear is that AI will replace them. That’s not going to happen. In fact, AI will redefine job positions or maybe even create new ones. So the thing that will change can be the set of skills needed on a labour market, but that’s how it goes in a life-long learning society. As AI increase the number of ads possibilities, there will always be the need to manage the technology. AI is a tool, and it has to be operated by humans, their job is to analyse data that are easily obtained thanks to new tech solutions. Today the vast number of pages made it impossible to interpret it by marketers on their own. AI will support you and push your capabilities, but it won’t give you all the answers. It’s essential for advertisers to think not only about their audience in general but individually consider what emotions, sentiment or attitude they have while they interact with native ads.

Be a step ahead and know your audience

This technology gets better in time. The more you test and the more data you deliver, the more effective the system becomes. Machine learning is continuously improving the results. Typical ad targeting based on age, gender and localisation are not enough now. There’s so much more to discover about end-users. Game changer innovations help not only identify the audience but deliver marketers information which is necessary to understand their online behaviours. Thanks to that your ads will be targeted to more and more precise audience also based on the effectiveness of the previous ones. Therefore every next campaign will be more successful. That’s the dream.

Focus on the bigger picture

Automatization of processes has one primary goal: make your job easier. Forget about hours of research, then analysing an enormous amount of data, and finally manually preparing the reports. AI can do all these actions, while you can focus on the core business processes. A holistic approach will get your marketing to a next level and improve your brand. This way you can save time and money. Sounds promising, isn’t it?

AI is not a temporary trend. It’s a future for marketing solutions as well as other industries or even every-day basis. Therefore you need to get on board and run present-day campaigns with results which satisfies you and your clients. Plastream uses an AI-driven system design precisely to boost your business.

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