Welcome to Plastream 2.0 – a platform that will change the way you look at photo analysing for e-commerce. After a few months of hard work, we are happy to introduce our new platform, making the most of AI, machine learning and precise Similarity Search to deliver the best recommendations for our clients: publishers and advertisers.

In this mini-guide, we will get you through the processes within the platform so you will be able to create your first widget in no time.


Go to https://plastream.net/signup/ to register for free. After activating your account, you need to sign in and you are ready to go. To prepare your very first widget, click on the green button “Create new widget”.


This step is important for the whole process, as you need to choose whether you want to use only manual recommendations or rely on automatic ones. Depending on what you select, widget creations will differ from each other.


In manual mode, you can choose one of four layouts and details about your projects such as an internal name for your widget. You also select stores you want recommendations to come from.

Green area on your widget is supposed to be filled with your photo. In grey area, recommendations will appear. Once you choose the layout, scroll down and select “Next”.


If you choose an auto mode, your screen will look a bit different:

You still need to choose an internal name for your widget and selected stores, but you also have to identify jQuery selectors (we can assist in finding one – click on “Click here to choose the right selector” and follow the easy instruction to find the best selector).

Your widget can be displayed as a slider, however if you would like to stick with a static layout, in this step you need to specify number of columns and rows.


This is the step in MANUAL mode only. AUTO mode will analyse photos you provide via selectors in the previous step.

In a green area, you need to choose a photo you want us to analyse. Then, you simply need to wait for analysis. Click on grey squares to get familiar with recommendations our AI engine suggests or to find your recommendations. You can as well use manual recommendations and search for other products, you can also choose the prices of products you want to recommend further. The “Cover” function is currently not available.

You are all prepared to go further? Click on “Next” in a bottom right corner to jump to…


In Settings section, you can customize settings such as:

  • Hide prices – you can choose whether you want to show prices on your widget or not
  • Background color – you can provide your widget with some background color. For example, for white put white, rgb(255, 255, 255) or #ffffff
  • Text above the widget – a kind of a “headline” of a widget, visible publicly
  • (not displayed) CTA for your recommendations. Each recommendation can be enhanced with a CTA button, e.g. “Shop now!”. You don’t need to use this option if you wish to avoid buttons.

After clicking “Next” you will be provided with a final view of your widget (in a section “Preview and save), and you can save it. To implement your widget on your website:

  • after saving a widget, come back to the widget list (use the menu on the left)
  • next to the internal name of your widget you will find an option called “embed code”
  • copy and paste some code lines into your website code

You can also check out this process in the video below:

Any questions? We are happy to assist: contact@plastream.net

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