Welcome to Plastream 2.0- a platform that changes the way pictures are analyzed in e-commerce. We use all capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning and precise matchings to the fullest extent to help our clients receive the best recommendations (publishers and advertisers).

Not only do publishers face many problems with attracting clients’ attention, but they also need to maintain it in order to gain loyal customers that continue to return to their brand and familiarize themselves with their content.

It’s almost a utopian situation in the age of many distractors, competition and an overload of advertisements. What to do to get the recipient to get involved in the brand?

Plastream allows you to reach the recipient with the help of matched content- wanted ads and products that can be easily associated with the brand’s content.

What benefits does using Plastream bring to publishers?

Using context for monetization

Context ads are flipping ad systems that still had a chance of being just a few years ago. Today, in order to get a recipient’s attention you have to strive for it in an industrial manner. All commercial context must go in pair with the content provided by the publisher. Example- next to pictures of celebrities in red dresses should be recommendations of red dresses available in e-commerce stores. Context must be as “slim” as possible in order to give expected results and moved on to a monetized aspect.

Plastream believes in satisfying quick shopping impulses. During a scene in a TV show where a couple is walking around on the beach is a perfect moment to add an add for airlines, travel agencies, cruise lines or even bathing suits- if they are recognized in the film.


Plastream offers technology that analyzes photo and video material with the precision that recognizes individual products. We believe (and see in our test results) that matching context gives better results- CTR on the level of 10-20% with extremely accurate recommendations.

Widget automation

New content can be created faster and easier thanks to the automation of the process of making widget products. Up to this point, publishers decide on recommendations created by a designated team. This wastes time, money and isn’t the most effective solution. Thanks to Plastream the creating process can be automated and human resources can be transferred to different projects.

Helping in archiving and creating new content

A similar issue concerns archiving that takes place manually, it’s very time-consuming and not always precise. Plastream is able to tag photo and video material based on its context which makes archiving easier and allows a faster material search that can be used to produce new materials. Example?

We are preparing material with the best statements of a known actress from movie awards. Thanks to the correct automatic tagging we can easily find the actresses statements in the right context (speeches from award shows). Plastream is able to recognize the actresses face in pictures and videos and internal tagging can be cut to only award shows.

Did we win you over? Try the platform’s capabilities for widget production https://plastream.net/signup/ or contact us to get to know our options for video material and context advertisement for your content.

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