In the era of advertising prestige keeping the recipient’s attention and leading them quickly through the buying process is becoming more difficult. Advertisers and publishers are constantly fighting for their target audience’s attention fixing the “user experience” on the way to achieving their business goals. At the end of the day, sales are the most important.

How can advertisers – e-commerce stores – use new technology to fight for the client, reach their target audience and become more recognisable (and gain sales, of course)?

One of the solutions is Plastream. Our Content to Commerce platform is in the spotlight which is dedicated to internet publishers and advertisers indirectly. Thanks to sharing product feed they can add their assortment to choose from in the form of recommendations for publishers on the platform (as well as beyond the platform within dedicated solutions for video analysis).

How does Plastream work?

Plastream as a platform uses neural networks, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Publishers can register and create product widgets: based on uploaded pictures on the platform they receive accurate recommendations (based on Similarity Search) of similar or identical products in e-commerce stores. The mechanism analyses the content segregates it and based on searched elements it is able to match the content (photos/videos) to products available online. The analysis is exact- it detects not only the shape, design or colour but also texture, material and characteristics. To read more about how the platform works and how recommendations and widgets are created click here

Advertisers who are interested in publishing and recommending their assortment on our platform can do so by contacting us beforehand.

Additionally, we will use recommendations in video analysis- dedicated to video players beyond our platform.

Benefits of working with Plastream for advertisers

Chances of bigger exposure

Every day new widget products are produced. Having an assortment of your e-commerce store in our database raises your chances of being noticed: products can be shown in recommendations for many publishers and get to the target audience.

Appearance of new products in the right (and attractive) context

Sending product feeds can bind to an interesting phenomenon in the form of matching products with viral content amongst recipients. Example?

A known celebrity that wore a white lace dress became a star of an award show, and all favourite gossip sites are now contacting her. If you have this type of product in your online store that’s in our database and a publisher decides on making a product widget to this content your recommended product has a high chance of getting chosen.

Using advertising context

Ads – recommendations of your product – won’t be showing up in random places or near random content. Product widget joins content: photos/videos with similar product recommendations available in e-commerce stores connected to the platform. If there’s a red dress in the picture, the widget shows red dress recommendations. Advertising context is gaining importance: it causes immediate and robust shopping impulses, so strong that if the user gets a chance to quickly familiarise with the product and buy it, then they do it without hesitation. Deciding is much quicker and leaves the client is satisfied.

Once again the celebrity’s white dress can be an example – if there are many recommendations of dresses in e-commerce stores that show up next to the original outfit a person that is looking for this item will have the results right away.

How to start a partnership

If you run an online store from the fashion industry and have over 200 products in the whole site, we would like to contact you! The only thing we need from the start is your product feed (XML file that has the product name, category and/or a category tree, link or link to the pictures, a unique product ID, the price and description). We will be able to add this feed to our analysis with constant cooperation with you.

Contact us if you would like to know more about us, send us your feed or ask about technical aspects. Plastream may be a fantastic solution for your store!

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